US Navy ZPG-3W "Vigilance"

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US Navy ZPG-3W "Vigilance"

Postby Derek66 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:40 am

The ZPG-3W was the final version of the US Navy's N-Class fleet and is now available in either 1/700th or 1/600th scale in my Shapeways shop. They were, and remain, the biggest non-rigid airships ever built with an envelope capacity of 1,516,00 cu ft and overall length of close to 400ft. Four were built and they carried a massive 42ft rotating radar dish suspended within the envelope. The dome on top housed the height finding radar.
The popular name for the ZPG-3W was "Vigilance" and they were an intrinsic part of the North American early-warning network during the Cold War period. Many details of their equipment and operation remain as classified information.

The model includes a kit of parts to complete a ZPG-3W either "in flight" with the undercarriage retracted or "landed", with the undercarriage down. Additionally the model can be completed on it's own or attached to a mobile mooring mast and accompanying towing tractor also included in the kit...

The mighty ZPG-3W in flight...

Happy Modelling!

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