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Postby HeavyLifter » Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:18 am

I am a mechanical engineer who had the privilege of working in airships for a brief time. The first was for the now defunct AeroLift Corporation that was promoting the Cyclocrane. I came on board after the 2-ton demonstrator tests. I was hired to work on the structure of the load handling and mooring systems for a 20-ton version for DARPA. Of course, that ship never materialized and the company shut down after further test with the demonstrator failed due to technical difficulties with the control system. I learned a lot about airships at that job and also got close-up views of the USLTA blimp as it continually flew by my window.

Later I went to work for USLTA, starting on the ground handling crew. I got the job because I had left the country and returned and was just trying to find any work and I was working on pinhole inspection of one of the surveillance aerostat companies next door when the crew chief came over to beef up his crew and picked me out. That was some literal seat-of-the-pants experience. Then I let them know of my engineering background and they put me to work on the drawing documentation for the FAA and then I designed a new instrument console for what became the Pizza Hut Bigfoot blimp that crashed onto an apartment building in Manhattan. I knew the pilot in that fateful accident, Lee Cermak.

I have more than a nostalgic interest in airships. I want to see heavy lifting done, hence my nickname. I plan to share my thoughts in the technical section about how I believe a heavy lifter could be done. I am aware of the latest venture, the Airlander 10, and I wish them well, but I think that is not the approach that will get a really heavy lift because there is a scaling problem that I discovered when I was working on the Cyclocrane. I hope to explain myself in the technical section and hopefully have some good interaction that will let us sharpen each other and hopefully lead to people who can help develop the details and, if my ideas check out in the detail design, to actually make it.

I am a U.S. citizen, but I have been residing in Bolivia, South America for the past 19 years.

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Re: Intro

Postby Airshipcenter » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:42 pm

Welcome to the forum HeavyLifter.
I am confident your expertise and experience in the LTA-world will be very appreciated.
As you see right now, the forum is still young and not very active, but we all hope this will change in the future.
Fascinating to read that you were involved with both the Cyclocrane, the Pizza Hut blimp and that you worked as part of a ground handling crew. Don't hesitate to share more of your experiences, ask questions or start discussions, I see you already started another thread.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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